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Relieving Stress and Restoring Balance to Your Body

Feel your pain just melt away at Styles-4-Massage in Banning, California. I offer a wide variety of techniques designed for maximum pain and stress relief, including geriatric massage therapy. Rates start at just $70 per session.

Healing the Mind, Body, & Soul

Massage therapy stretches and loosens muscles and improves the flow of fluids throughout the body, flushing out metabolic wastes and increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to body tissue. It also stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkiller. Regular treatments provide a relaxed state of alertness, reduce mental stress, and enhance the capacity for calm thinking and creativity.


  • Swedish—A System of Long Strokes, Kneading, & Friction on the More Superficial Layers of Muscles Combined with Active & Passive Movement of the Joints
  • Shiatsu—An Eastern-Based System of Finger-Pressure Focusing on Special Points Along Acupuncture Meridians, the Invisible Channel of Energy Flow in the Body
  • Sports—Focuses on Muscle Systems Relevant to a Particular Sport
  • Reflexology—Based Around a System of Points in the Hands & Feet Thought to Correspond to All Areas of the Body
  • Myofascial—A Deep Form of Manipulative Bodywork That Uses Long, Stretching Strokes to Rebalance the Body by Releasing Tension in the Fascia
Dream Catcher

Cranial Sacral Therapy

This unique massage utilizes gentle movements applied to the skull and vertebrae to balance the circulation of the liquid that surrounds the brain. Because the whole body expands and contracts with the rhythm created by the cranial pulse—the pumping of the fluid—the cranial system affects the whole body. Working the cranial system brings the body into balance, releasing accumulated stress to create a general sense of well-being.